Employment law.

Would you like to implement internal regulations applicable to your employees, for instance in order to regulate the use of Internet during working hours ?

Are you considering setting up an optimal contractual structure in order to govern your relationship with your employees ?

Are you facing an amployee's claim in relation to its personality rights ?

Are you wondering about the validity and the scope of a non-competition clause ?

Do you consider being creditor of an unpaid variable salary ?

Have you developed an innovative software during your working hours and are you wondering who is the right owner on this software ?

Do you need advice as to the termination of an employement agreement ?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we avise you regarding your rights and obligations ensuing from an employment agreement and represent you before the judicial authorities in this field of law. In particular, we provide the following services :


  • drafting and negotiation of employment agreements
  • drafting of companies' bylaws
  • advice related to temporary work incapacity
  • analysis of the conditions and legal consequences of termination of an employment agreement and of collective redundancies
  • negotiation and mediation between employee and employer
  • negotiation and implementation of redundancy plans
  • representation before courts