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15 avril 2020 - Article

New papers by Adrien Alberini in the field of competition law

Sigma legal is pleased to announce the following news relating to papers published by Adrien Alberini in the field of competition law: Adrien Alberini’s contribution on Merger Control in the IT Sector has been selected and republished in 2020 Competition Case Law Digest – A Synthesis of EU, US and National Leading Cases, a major […]

1 novembre 2019 - Article

Nouvel article du Temps sur la désactivation de comptes instagram

Joëlle Becker s’exprime dans le journal Le Temps sur les enjeux liés à la désactivation sans préavis de comptes Instagram utilisés dans une perspective commerciale. Sigma legal est en effet intervenue avec succès auprès d’Instagram pour réactiver le compte de Yashka Steiner, tatoueur de renom.

18 mars 2019 - Article

New contributions of sigma legal: Philanthropy and Data Protection; Hybrid Entities in Switzerland

In the latest special edition of Expert Focus dedicated to Philanthropy (2019/3), our Partners Vincent Pfammatter, Adrien Alberini and Kevin Guillet co-authored and contributed to various articles focused on (i) Data Protection in the Non-Profit Sector and (ii) Hybrid entities in Switzerland (entities combining for- and non-profit purposes). These contributions (in English, and one translated […]

6 mars 2017 - Article

Recent Developments in Swiss Competition Law

Complexity and technology as main features. Margin squeeze in the telecom sector, parity clauses in the online hotel booking field, refusal to deal in the market for pay live tv broadcasting of premium content, formation of joint ventures in the fast-moving advertising sector and other cases show the diversity and complexity of antitrust cases in Switzerland […]