Are you considering entering into a complex cooperation agreement? 

Would you like to assess the competition law risks related to your activity?

 Are you prevented from growing by a powerful company?

Are you at risk of being targeted by an investigation led by the competition authorities?

Do you have questions relating to economic regulations?

Do you intend to take part in a bidding proccess or organize a public procurement ?

The significance of competition law and public economic law is constantly increasing. Interventions by authorities such as the Swiss Comco, the EU Commission or other authorities in charge of supervising specific sectors are reported in the medias almost on a weekly basis. We are aware that competition law issues are particularly sensitive and have therefore developed specific skills allowing us to assist you in the following contexts : 


  • clauses having a competition impact in technology cooperation, licensing and distribution agreements
  • competition law analysis of strategic projects, from the perspective notably of practices involving a risk of foreclosure by dominant undertakings (limited access to technologies or infrastructures, discrimination of trading partners)
  • merger control through the acquisition of control (share or asset deals) or formation of joint ventures
  • regulations governing the production and marketing of products (e.g. pharmaceutical products, food stuff, common objects)
  • license to operate (notably in relation to innovative business models based on technologies) 
  • freedom to import goods in Switzerland and to sell goods and provide services in Switzerland (Cassis de Dijon principle, technical barriers to trade, local regulations)
  • federal and cantonal regulations governing public procurement