Attorney at law, Partner
Ph.D., LL.M. (Stanford)

Who am I?

I am a lawyer specializing in tech law and economic regulations. What characterizes me? The ability to carry out fast and cross-sectional analysis; I am also skilled in identifying, in each project, several options and their legal and commercial consequences.

What led me to sigma legal?

•  Lenz & Staehelin, Geneva (2009-2016, bar admission in 2011)
•  LL.M. in Law, Science & Technology, Stanford Law School (2013-2014)
•  Ph.D. in EU Competition Law, University of Geneva (2005-2009, Walther Hug, Bellot and Aubert Awards)
•  JD, Universities of Lausanne and St Gallen (2001-2005)

Other professional highlights and projects in progress:

• Assistance in relation to IT projects (custom developments, cloud solutions, proprietary and open source software licensing); assistance and representation in relation to IT litigation and negotiation (e.g. non-compliance with system requirements, data recovery)
• Assistance in relation to data protection projets (10+ GDPR projects, digital marketing, big data, State transparency)
• Advice and representation in competition law (investigations, legal opinions) and economic regulations (public procurement, regulated access to the market, economic activity carried out by the State)
• Advice to start-ups (structuring, financing rounds, shareholder agreements, tech transfer, distribution)

• Publications and conferences on topics related to new technologies

You can talk to me in:

French / English / Italian / German

I can answer you in:

French / English / Italian

When I am not at sigma legal, you can find me:

• Somewhere in the Alps on my Santa Cruz mountain bike or my K2 free ride skis