Data protection, cybersecurity 
& State transparency.

Are you willing to take the measures that are necessary to comply with the Swiss and European regulatory framework governing data protection ?

Do you carry out digital marketing activities ?

Do you process sensitive data, such as health data ?

Are you a victim of identity theft ?

Have you been hacked ?

Are you dealing with an issue related to access to information held by a public administration ?

Data protection and cybersecurity are essential issues to both companies and individuals. We frequently deal with data protection matters in sensitive sectors, such as banking, insurance, media, healthcare, life science, as well as non-profit organizations. Therefore, we can assist you in relation to :


  • GDPR compliance

  • privacy and cookies policies for websites

  • collection, use and sharing of personal data

  • protection of data in relation to the development of new products or services, such as IoT or medical devices, or in the context of IT or e-commerce projects 

  • organization of intragroup data transfer (in Switzerland or abroad) or outsourcing to third companies

  • internal regulations governing the management and security of personal data

  • training of managers and employees of your company in relation to data protection

  • designation of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • reaction to data theft or security breach

  • criminal offenses in the IT sector

  • patient's e-record and biobanks

We also assist individuals and authorities in the context of procedures related to the access to documents held by public administrations, such as specific reports. In addition, we provide legal services related to the implementation of telecom monitoring measures or to projects relying on the collection of large datasets, such as smart cities projects.