Media, entertainment & art.

Have you suffered a breach of your publicity or personality rights through media or a social network ?

Do you have to face a dispute in the art or entertainment sectors ?

Are you acting as an intermediary on the art market and wish to have your contractual documentation reviewed ?

Do you represent an institution, wich frequently enters into agreements in the fields of art, culture or entertainment?

Would you like to produce a movie or a musical work ?

Are you a company providing services in the art industry ?

Do you wish to purchase, sale, import, export an artwork or to lend it to an institution ?

Switzerland and, in particular, the French-speaking part of the country are important activity hubs for the media, entertainment and art markets. We assist individuals and companies with respect to issues related to media and entertainment law, in particular :


  • personality rights, right of publicity
  • management of e-reputation and online presence
  • publishing, production and distribution contracts
  • financing and slate deals
  • artists agreements
  • agents and managers agreements
  • copyright
  • collective management of rights
  • sponsoring, endorsement and product placement

    The developments of the regulation applicable to the art market lead to a wide array of legal issues. We assist the various players, be they collectors, artists, foundations, institutions, intermediaries or advisors, in relation inter alia to the following issues :

  • contracts, including sale, bailment, or brokerage agreements
  • transfer of title, cross-border movements of art works
  • auctions and e-commerce
  • authenticity and attribution of art works, origin
  • copyright and resale right (droit de suite)
  • conformity with anti-moneylaundering regulation
  • return of stolen or defrauded art works
  • cultural goods regulation