Advice, negotiation & due diligence.

Are you seeking targeted ord broader legal assistance in the setting up of a project or the day-to-day life of your enterprise ?

Do you need assistance in the negotiation of an agreement ?

Would you like to approach investors for your project but need a non-disclosure agreement(NDA) in order to do so ?

Do you intend to proceed to certain verifications prior to acquiring a company ?


We assist you and address all your legal challenges in our fields of expertise :


  • advice : we answer your specific queries or assist you, in a more comprehensive manner, in relation to the development of your project or enterprise
  • negotiation : whether you are negotiating a key agreement or trying to settle a disagreement with a commercial partner, we support you in the context of discussions with your counterparty
  • due diligence and internal investigations : we have experience in carrying out an analysis of your legal situation or of that of the company you intend to acquire, in our fields of expertise (in particular commercial law, data protection, competition and economic regulation, intellectual property)