18 novembre 2019

Sigma legal at the 10th Conference on Competition Law

Sigma legal is pleased to inform you that Alain and Adrien Alberini have been invited as speakers at the 10thConference on Competition Law organized jointly by the Vaud Central Employer’s Association (Centre Patronal), the CEDIDAC (Center for Business Law/University of Lausanne) and ASAS (Swiss Association of Competition Law), which took place on November 14, 2019 in Paudex/Lausanne.

Alain and Adrien have addressed competition law issues relating to e-commerce and internet platforms, among which particular provisions in distribution agreements applicable to sales online, geoblocking, parity clauses, the appropriation of personal data collected by third parties and the violation of data protection as a breach of competition law. During their presentation, Alain and Adrien have included comments on recent cases such asGuess, Coty, Admeira, Google Android, Amazon and the highly controversial Facebook case handled by the German Competition Authority. By way of conclusion, Alain and Adrien have raised the question as to whether competition law is on the verge of a major paradigm change.

In addition, Adrien has participated, together with Prof. Andreas Heinemann (President of the Swiss Competition Commission), Mr. Stefan Renfer (Head of Internal Market, Secretariat of the Swiss Competition Commission) and Dr. Hubert Gilliéron (Attorney at Law; moderator), in a debate on key challenges faced by Swiss competition law.

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