15 avril 2020 - Article

New papers by Adrien Alberini in the field of competition law

Sigma legal is pleased to announce the following news relating to papers published by Adrien Alberini in the field of competition law:

  • Adrien Alberini’s contribution on Merger Control in the IT Sector has been selected and republished in 2020 Competition Case Law Digest - A Synthesis of EU, US and National Leading Cases, a major book on competition law edited by Frédéric Jenny and Nicolas Charbit (more information here)


  • Prof. Christian Bovet and Adrien Alberini’s contribution on Recent Developments in Swiss Competition Law, which provides readers with a critical review of competition law cases handed down in Switzerland in 2019, has been published in the 2020/1 volume of the Swiss Review of Business and Financial Market Law.
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