& Brands.

Are you contemplating an IT project?

Did you identify a promising molecule and would you like to enter into a cooperation agreement?

Is a third party trying to imitate your trademark or the design of your products? Or to free ride on your reputation?

Do you need to outsource part of your R&D activities to a specialized company?

What are the legal issues which need to be taken into account in order to sell online?

IT, internet, telecom, biotech, med tech, clean tech, fintech… it may be your core business or some key part of your activity. Our approach? We first strive to understand new techs and, on this basis, deliver our legal services. In addition, we pay significant attention to issues relating to corporate identity, branding and design. In this field, our practice covers in particular what follows:

  • patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, domain names, business names, geographical indications (in particular Swissness), unfair competition, trade secrets and technical know how, databases, NDAs
  • employment or service agreements for engineers and scientists, consultancy agreements
  • software licensing (proprietary and open source), agreements in the field of cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), IT outsourcing, support and maintenance agreements
  • agreements for web site or app development, terms and conditions for online sales and use of websites, structure of websites for e-commerce
  • agreements for the development and rolling out of infrastructures, interconnection agreements
  • R&D agreements, agreements for the transfer of biological material, clinical trial outsourcing agreements, medical devices supply agreements
  • exclusive and selective distribution, franchising, sponsoring, merchandising
  • telecom and sector regulations governing advertisement
  • regulations promoting research and innovation, regulations governing research activities (human body, stems cells)  and clinical trials (health product, transplant medicine)
  • product security regulations (e.g. traceability, product recall), product liability