Philanthropy & 


Are you planning to setup a foundation, to join an umbrella foundation, or to invest in a philanthropic fund? 

Would your company like to create a non-profit entity? 

Do you need assistance in dealing with tax authorities and supervisory authorities?

Is your organization about to receive funds, the origin of which should be verified?

Do you intend to professionalize your organization or to obtain further privileges and immunities?

Philanthropy is a growing and healthy sector in Switzerland. Many initiatives are structured as non-profit entities, be they in relation to a public-private partnership, the setup of a non-profit entity within a group of companies, the financing of research and development or private projects. We assist and support you during all stages of the life of a non-profit entity : 

  • choice and formation of the appropriate entity (foundation, association, non-profit company) 
  • articles of association and bylaws 
  • agreements (notably grant agreements) 
  • assistance to the Board and its members
  • merger or liquidation 
  • tax exemption of the non-profit entity and tax deduction of gifts, in Switzerland or abroad 
  • negotiation of privileges and immunities with Swiss authorities
  • protection of your entity against the risks of inappropriate uses, notably the risks of money laundering and tax fraud


We also assist individuals willing to create a philanthropic entity, join an umbrella foundation, invest in a philanthropic fund (venture philanthropy) or adopt a socially responsible investment strategy.