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25 septembre 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur IT and Internet Law

IT and Internet Law

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Information technologies and the Internet keep on offering new and challenging issues to lawyers. Together with much estimated colleagues, Adrien had the opportunity to explore three of those issues in the following papers recently published:

  • Legal Markeplaces: Opportunity for and/or Threat to Lawyers and Bar Associations (coauthored with Frédéric Bernard and Lionel Bugmann)
  • Professional Secrecy and Cloud Solutions (coauthored with Benoît Chappuis)
  • Data Portability and Interoperability: An Issue that Needs to Be Anticipated in Today's IT-driven World (coauthored with Yaniv Benhamou)



22 mai 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur Data Protection – Cybersecurity

Data Protection – Cybersecurity

The Paradox of Cyberattacks: Victims May Be Liable.

The recent wannacry cyberattacks raise the questions of how such situations would be addressed under the GDPR. Considering the heavy regulation to be complied with, companies targeted by the attacks may well end up - paradoxically - being at the same time liable. Our perspective on this touchy topic was just published in Le Temps, the main newspaper in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (p. 11).

Le paradoxe des cyberattaques_ la responsabilité des victimes - Le Temps

5 avril 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur Copyright 4.0: a global perspective (and many takeaways)

Copyright 4.0: a global perspective (and many takeaways)

170px-Copyright.svgHigh technologies are raising a lot of new issues under copyright law. This hot topic was at the heart of the annual IP conference recently held at the University of Geneva.  We are pleased to share our contribution summarizing the essence of this conference which was just published on the Kluwer Copyright Blog.


6 mars 2017 - Commentaires fermés sur Recent Developments in Swiss Competition Law

Recent Developments in Swiss Competition Law

Complexity and technology as main features.

MargWord Cloudin squeeze in the telecom sector, parity clauses in the online hotel booking field, refusal to deal in the market for pay live tv broadcasting of premium content, formation of joint ventures in the fast-moving advertising sector and other cases show the diversity and complexity of antitrust cases in Switzerland over the last year. Critical review by Christian Bovet and Adrien Alberini. Just published in the Swiss Business Law Review (2017/1).